Best Practices For Google Business Profile Posts

When composing your content for Google Business Profile posts, remember that your visitors are limited to ten words, so you must be concise and to the point. You need the viewer to read those initial ten words and click to read more. It is crucial to test new strategies, but there are always some best practices.

Here are three best practices for Google Business Profile posts.

Engaging content

The secret sauce behind successful Google Business Profile posts is engaging content. As with any form of marketing, every interaction with potential customers matters. Those likes, shares, and comments are basic metrics, but creating compelling posts requires more.

It’s important to create personalized and tailored posts for your ideal customer. Listed below are some ways to make your content more exciting and compelling. All of them can drive traffic and sales.

Engaging product content

If you have a product on your Google Business Profile, consider posting it in the Products tab. If so, you can include a short description and price tag.

Remember that posts on Google Business Profile expire after a week, although you can request an extension. Keep in mind that product posts are an exception. Unlike other posts, these posts show up in reverse chronological order. And because Google Business Profile posts are displayed on the knowledge panel, they appear above the “People Also Search For” section!

One of the most popular features on Google’s business listings is the ability to add posts to the local panel of Google Search and Maps. These posts can be used to inform customers of news and special offers or to highlight exciting events. The posts generally contain a photo, a brief description, and a call to action.

Include a link to your business website on your post. These posts will be displayed in Google Maps and the SERPs and appear on the knowledge graph’s right side. Once shared, your posts will be visible to users for seven days and automatically removed.

Creating a concise description

Creating a concise description for Google Business profiles is crucial to marketing a business online. Google crafts its summary carefully for each company, maintaining a consistent voice throughout the platform.

Ensure that the summary includes keywords and doesn’t duplicate any information in the business profile. You can have a short description of your products and services and photos and videos to help prospective clients learn more about your company and products.

A concise description should include the most important information in the shortest amount of characters.

A detailed Google My Business post is roughly 1500 characters long, so it’s essential to keep its length as short as possible. A title should also convey the critical aspects of the post in an appealing way.

Remember that your posts won’t be visible forever, so you must often post and ensure that your post captures attention and informs potential customers.

Summary: 3 Best Practices For Google Business Profile Posts

In addition to driving traffic to your website, Google Business Profile Posts are an effective way to generate leads and conversions. Including relevant information about your business in your posts can entice potential customers to contact you, visit your social media accounts, or even call you.

Google Business Profile Posts are part of Google’s Local Business Listing, and you can take advantage of this opportunity to share relevant information with your customers.