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You don’t need to be the best company for SEO to tackle some of the basic strategies. Search engine optimization (SEO) is essential to any marketing strategy. It helps search engines determine which websites should appear in search results. When people search for something, they will most likely type it into Google or another search engine. So, if you want your website to show up in a high position, you must ensure that it has good SEO.

best company for seo keyword research

Keyword Research

There are two main ways to research keywords: manually and with tools. Manual keyword research involves typing a list of words related to your business into a spreadsheet and then analyzing the data.

Tools such as Google Adwords allow you to enter a few keywords and see how well they perform. You can also use tools like SEMRush to find popular keywords. Keyword research will take time and effort. A tool like SEMRush can help identify keywords, but it will not give you as much insight into how the keywords perform or who uses them.

best seo companies backlinks

Backlinks are links pointing back to your website from other websites. These links are an indication of popularity and authority. If you have a lot of high-quality backlinks, you will likely rank higher than competitors who do not.

When building your site, you want to ensure it has relevant backlinks from the most authoritative websites. In general, backlinks are generally classified into three categories:

  • Trustworthy – These are links from websites that people trust.
  • Informational – These are links from websites that have content of relevance to you.
  • Paid – These are links from websites that have paid for them. Paid backlinks generally cost money and can be achieved in various ways, such as through link exchanges or by paying for high-ranking organic listings on search engines. You can buy keywords through a Google AdWords campaign and paid listings on other search engines like Bing, Yahoo!, and other search engines.
best company for seo and click depth

Site Structure & Click Depth

Site architecture is the structure of your website. Even the best company for SEO can spend a lot of time mapping a site’s structure. Site structure can include how pages are organized and whether there are broken links. A well-organized website makes it easy for users to quickly find the information they need. This is accomplished through user experience design, clear navigation, and a shallow click depth.

You should also consider the size of your site and load speed. Optimizing your site architecture will help your company’s SEO and provide a better user experience.

plattsburgh seo company website speedup

Page Speed

You must ensure your site loads quickly to improve your search engine rankings. Page speed is an important ranking factor for Google, as it looks at how long visitors have to wait before they can access each page on your site’s index. Site speed can also affect the user experience.

This means making sure that your site has a fast loading speed. There are several ways to do this, such as using compression software, optimizing images, and reducing the number of files on your server.

seo company mobile friendly website plattsburgh, ny

Mobile Friendliness

You should also make sure that your website is mobile-friendly. Mobile friendliness will ensure that users can easily access your site while browsing the web on their smartphones. It is essential to know that over half of today’s users prefer browsing the internet with their smartphone instead of their desktop computer.

Mobile responsive websites are easily readable when viewed on a smartphone. Furthermore, users can view it without the use of any plugins, which saves bandwidth.


These are just e few of the best company strategies for company’s SEO. You will need to do more than just these steps to get to the top of search engine results pages. However, these steps are the foundation of any SEO campaign. Remember first and foremost that your website should help your users, and SEO can supplement your great content. 

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