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Learn To Ride With Kim

If you live in Plattsburgh or the surrounding area, you are aware that we live in a beautiful place. Imagine a warm day in the summer riding along Lake Champlain and the wind to your back. Unlike riding in a car, you can smell the flowers and the lake. 

Riding a bike is an excellent way to exercise and spend some time outside. However, many people are intimidated by riding near cars because they don’t know the rules of the road. I’ve made it my mission to get people back on their bike by providing on-bike education to build their confidence.

Kim’s Background

By day I design websites and handle social media for businesses around Plattsburgh. For fun, I teach adults and kids how to ride bicycles in the hopes that they can enjoy the region as much as I do. As a child I always enjoyed riding my bicycle around the neighborhood. My friend lived a few blocks away and school a few blocks in the other direction. It felt like I could finally go anywhere when I had my bike. My older brother would often ride with me, but neither of us had proper bicycle education. We rode on the sidewalk, which was okay when we were kids. As an adult I felt at a loss, not knowing how to really ride a bike. 

In college I mimicked others and for the most part, could get around safely. However, I always wanted to go on longer bike trips. 

At the time my big goal was to bike to Burlington, VT. It’s not terribly far from Plattsburgh overall, but I would need to know how to ride in different situations. In the spring of 2017, I reached out to NYBC’s Education Coordinator Ken Crandall to help me plan a bike education course in Plattsburgh. 

group of 8 people who passed LCI training in Buffalo New York, kimberly cummins is sitting in the bottom right of the photo
LCI training & certification course in Buffalo, NY, 2017

In June 2017 I took the Smart Cycling course in Plattsburgh and by October I had studied and passed the exam to become a League Cycling Instructor (LCI #5768) through the League of American Bicyclists in Buffalo, NY.

Since I received my LCI status I’ve successfully collaborated with the Town of Plattsburgh as an on-bike instructor for the 2018 Bike Rodeo and the 2019 Bike Block Party. I’ve also spoke to Driver’s Ed students at Burlington High School in the fall of 2018. 

I believe that educating cyclists and motorists about safe cycling makes our community a better place. Cyclists learn how to be predictable and motorists know how to safely navigate around people on bikes. I think this is especially important because Plattsburgh is one of the major cities between Montreal and Albany on the Empire State Trail. 

I made my goal trip to Burlington, VT happen on my birthday in 2017. After the smart cycling course I felt more confident on my bike and I hope to give that gift to others.


electric pink bike with yellow stripes assembled and designed by kim cummins
blue three speed bicycle with red and yellow stars on the frame and fenders, painted and assembled by kimberly cummins
custom bicycle painted black and gold with black leather brooks seat, designed and painted by kimberly cummins

I am also drawn to bicycles because I enjoy painting and modifying them.

Booking Information

I am currently working with small groups and community organizations. 

I can offer the Smart Cycling course as well as on-bike education to small groups. 

General Costs
$35/hr & transportation expenses

If you are part of a non-profit, I also offer pro-bono work, please send me an e-mail or give me a call to discuss possible pro-bono options 

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