Cat Art Show & Sale 2022

Hey there feline enthusiast!

Eve and I are back at it planning the 6th annual Cat Art Show and Sale.

Join us at the Chapter One Coffee & Tea (30 City Hall Place) on December 4th from 7 am – 5 pm to see all the amazing art submitted to this year’s show. 

We will once again donate the proceeds to Elmore SPCA, but this year we also added our friends from Focus on Ferals

If you want to submit art to the show, scroll down the page for submission information. 

Your Hosts:

Featured Artist: Breezy Malagon

I think I’ve always been a “crafty” person, but to me, “art” meant drawing and painting, which I’m not great at. When I was a teenager I used to sell macrame friendship bracelets at school for $5 each. As I got older I got into fiber arts, and expanded my skills to sewing, knitting, crocheting, cross stitch, and embroidery. Pre-made cross stitch patterns and embroidery kits were a great place to start, but I immediately could not stick to the patterns and started modifying them to how I liked instead. Making my own patterns gave me a new way to create and combine mediums. It takes a lot of patience; I’ve “frogged” (removed) countless stitches after realizing a mistake. I like the idea of taking an art form that gets mistaken for “old fashioned”, and making it modern and fun.

Past Event Gallery

Check out some videos and photos from previous year's shows!

How to Submit your Art

Artists can decide the price of their work and the percentage they would like to donate.
***We ask that artists contribute a minimum of 10% or $5 from selling their pieces to Focus on Ferals and the Elmore SPCA.***


All art submissions must be cat-themed.


All work must be submitted during the submission window.

Submission Info

Open submission starts November 16th - November 31st at the Strand Center

Submission forms

Click the 'Angy Cat' to download. Fill out and submit with your art.

Directions And Frequently Asked Questions