What Is Click Depth And Why Is It Important?

Not sure what click depth is or why it matters? This is your one-stop article to answer all of your page structure SEO questions.

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Six steps for Small Business Owners to Improve Website Performance

Congratulations, you just finished building the website for your small business! Now is the time to sit back and relax and wait for the phone calls to roll in, right? Wrong. There is no guarantee that your website will appear in search results.  In general, you should expect that it will likely take at least […]

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Wix, Weebly, Or Squarespace For Your DIY Website

You do not have to be a website designer to create a great website. There are many website building platforms on the market today. You hear them advertised as sponsors podcasts, youtube channels and have television commercials saying that you can build a beautiful website in a matter of hours. With all the options available, […]

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