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We only have two more blog posts left before we have fully completed the Client Avatar Worksheet from Digital Marketer. Today we will discuss where your ideal client gets their information. If you know where your client gets their information, you’ll also know where to advertise your product or service.

Always Redefining and Reconfiguring

This blog is a bit different, as I can’t help define this for you. Often, the person filling out writes books they think that their client avatar would like because the person filling it out loves those books. Your goal is to find information sources that ONLY applies to your client. With most of the client information that we have discussed already, you can refer to demographic information. 

We Need To Have A Talk

When you are filling out this part of the worksheet, you’ll have to think about the books, magazines,  blogs, conferences, and gurus. Some people get frustrated trying to figure out what book an imaginary person may or may not have read. However, if you own a business- you can start by asking your customers “have you read any good books lately?” or “I’m looking for some new podcasts, what would you recommend?” Ask your customers the same way you would ask your friend, “Have you watched anything good on Netflix?” It’s just that easy.

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 “Have you watched anything good on Netflix?”

The Age Of the Influencer

The final point that I’m going to bring up here is that in today’s world, the guru most likely is the media. Their guru probably has a podcast, Youtube Channel, profiles on all social media websites. Do your due diligence when having these conversations with your clients to understand who they like and why. We often think the guru is the celebrity that we think everyone knows and loves. For example, I work in social media management, and some terrible advertiser may think that Mark Zuckerberg is my guru, because he created Facebook. Wrong. While I can appreciate the world-changing effect Zucks has had on the world, my social media marketing guru is Amy Porterfield (Click the link to listen to a great Facebook Marketing Podcast)

That One Thing About Marketing In Today's World

Have you noticed how fast information changes? It feels like in one day you’ll ask yourself all of these questions:

  • Does anyone even read blogs?
  • Wait, you’re listening to what podcast?
  • What is a podcast?
  • Should I Tweet anymore?
  • Does anyone listen to the radio?

Find ways to have media conversations daily with your clients. Media changes at breakneck speed, do your best to check-in with the clients you love- you’ll be surprised how much you will learn.


Talking to your clients about what media they love is a win-win. You will discover who and what is important to them. Even if you don’t plan to advertise, you can build real and authentic relationships with your client. Imagine how you’d feel if you pop back into your favorite shop and the owner says, “Hey, I checked out that podcast you recommended, it was terrific!” Take an extra few minutes with your next client, and see what they can teach you.

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