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Graphic Design

Let's talk about branding.

Graphic design is the cornerstone to branding and brand development. No matter what you are creating, be it business cards, posters, logos, or social media postings- you need imagery tailored to your brand

You started your own business to make something that reflects you and your passion. 

Let’s create graphics that echos your unique perspective and resonates with your ideal clients.

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"Her creativity in design allowed her to take the basic project idea and transform it into something much more than a functioning website. Thanks to her work on the site traffic has increased significantly."
Logo of Clinton County Teachers Organization that is a website management client.
Brian B.
CCMEA President

Graphic Design Services

 A well designed poster or social media image is able to deliver a clear message that is going to drive sales. The designs you use for your business should be able to sell your work for you, like an extra employee. Clearly branded content is able to delivering your brand’s unique message to anyone that will listen. No matter if you are promoting an upcoming event, the launch of your business or something else all together, the design is what ties it all together.

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Business Cards

Is it time to spruce up the cards you hand out to potential clients? Make a good impression from the start with a card that shows who you are and what you do.

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Postcards & Rack Cards

Need to promote an upcoming show or event? Postcards and rack cards are great ways to update clients or potential clients.ddd

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Posters & Flyers

No matter if you are hosting an upcoming performance of Midsummer Night's Dream or running for political office, you need an an eye catching design.

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Social Media Posts

If you want your business or project to pop on social media, you need continuity in your online and offline branding. Let's make sure you get recognized everywhere.

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Need a new logo or rebrand one that you've outgrown? Let's talk about designs, colors, and the story of your brand to bring it all together.

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& More!

Thinking about something different? Contact me using the five-minute form and tell me a little bit more about the project you have in mind.

Let's Make Your Brand Stand out

It has never been easier to get the help you need.

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Let's Get started

Not sure how to take the next step? 
Here is how the process works.

Fill out the 5-minute form

Click one of the links to the five minute form and tell me a little bit about you, your business and the goals you would like to reach. The information that you provide will help me assess if we are a good fit.

One-on-one consultation

Once I review the information from the 5-minute form I will contact you to schedule a one-on-one meeting. I prefer to meet in person, but if you have a busy schedule, we can also meet via Zoom Video Conferencing.

Review the proposal

I will create a proposal based on the needs you share with me at the consultation. The proposal will reflect the scope of project, budget, and timeline.

Approve the proposal

You will have the opportunity to review the proposal. Only once we both agree to the work set out in the proposal and the down payment is paid, I will begin work.

Frequently Asked Questions

I will ask about the item that you want to be designed. Once we have some dimensions, I’ll ask about some designs you like and what you like about them. We will discuss all the important information that must be included in the design. I’ll ask you a little bit about your business or organization so we ensure the final product appropriately reflects your brand. I’ll also ask you what your timeline is to recieve a final product to ensure we have enough time to be successful. 

The thing that helps most in a graphic design consultation is to have some samples. It can be difficult trying to articulate a design idea with words, but visual examples are very helpful. Find some items close to what you like; maybe it’s the color pallet, the font, the flow of the information- all of this information is helpful. Even a little sketch of an idea on a napkin can help me understand your concept.

Start by filling out the five minute form. The form helps me collect all the important information I need to get started.

I respond to form inquiries within 24 hours during the week and next business day over the weekend.

If you live locally we will meet in person at a designated location. Otherwise, we can speak via Video conferencing (Google Hangouts or Zoom), or over the phone.

Based on the consultation, I’ll create a proposal with an expected budget and estimated time of completion for your approval.

Once the proposal is approved, you must pay a deposit which is specific to your project, but is outlined in the proposal.

I will complete the project as agreed upon and with any necessary revisions.

The remaining amount must be within 30 days of completion unless otherwise noted in the proposal.

That really depends on the project you have in mind. Some projects, like a poster, can be designed, revised, and completed within a week. However, projects like a pamphlet or book can take months to complete. After our consultation I will send you a proposal with the estimated timeline and budget.

I accept payment via:

I send all my invoices using WaveApp which can be paid online via credit or debit card.

You can also pay with:
Cash or Check