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Social Media Management

Make an impact on social media.

Social media management continues to be one of the easiest and least expensive ways to share your brands message.

Through iconic imagery and thoughtful wording, your brand can be seen by hundreds and potentially thousands of eager potential customers.

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Social Media Management Services

All social media managers know that quality and consistency are key when it comes to making an impact on any platform. The algorythms of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all favor users who post good content on a regular basis. Most small business owners don’t have the time to dedicate time to social media and if you don’t post regularly- you’ll find yourself spinning your wheels.

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In Your Voice

Beautiful, responsive designs that create beautiful websites on desktop and mobile. Websites designed with sales, and conversion goals in mind.

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Social Media Advertising

Increase website traffic and rank higher on search engines like Google, Bing, and Duck Duck Go with a well optimized website.

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Consistent Scheduling

Stop wasting time trying to go the do-it-yourself route. Get professional help on your side to take your digital presence to the next level.

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In Your Voice

Regular, consistent, and eye-catching branded posts to reach your potential clients on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and beyond.

Let's Boost your online profile

It has never been easier to get the help you need.

Let's Get started

Not sure how to take the next step? 
Here is how the process works.

Fill out the 5-minute form

Click one of the links to the five minute form and tell me a little bit about you, your business and the goals you would like to reach. The information that you provide will help me assess if we are a good fit.

One-on-one consultation

Once I review the information from the 5-minute form I will contact you to schedule a one-on-one meeting. I prefer to meet in person, but if you have a busy schedule, we can also meet via Zoom Video Conferencing.

Review the proposal

I will create a proposal based on the needs you share with me at the consultation. The proposal will reflect the scope of project, budget, and timeline.

Approve the proposal

You will have the opportunity to review the proposal. Only once we both agree to the work set out in the proposal and the down payment is paid, I will begin work.

Choosing your Social Media Sites

Even though it feels like there is a never ending list of social sites on the internet, it is important to focus on the core platforms. Most businesses excel if they concentrate their energy on a few key sites and learn how to use them to their strengths. 

Each platform appeals to a different demographic, during our consultation we will talk about who is your ideal client. 

Once your “client avatar” is identified- we can start building a social media campaign that will capture attention and increase your bottom line.

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Kimberly Cummins is Malone's Website Design Consultant and manages Linkedin business profiles

Frequently Asked Questions

During our half-hour consultation I’ll ask you about your life before running your own business, and why you chose to strike out on your own. I will ask you about the customers you love and what you love about them. I’ll ask about any previous marketing activities, what worked and what didn’t work. You can feel free to ask me questions, too!

Generally, no. When you sign up for the consultation I’ll ask for your website address (if you have one) or about your social media pages. Prior the consultation I will check them out and make some notes. During the consultation you’ll share where you would like to see your business go in the future. My proposal will help you connect point A to point B.

Schedule a free, half-hour consultation with me.

If you live locally we will meet in person at a designated location. Otherwise, we can speak via Video conferencing (Google Hangouts or Zoom), or over the phone.

I will create a proposal with an expected budget and estimated time of completion for your approval.

Once the proposal is approved, you must pay a deposit which is 1/3 of proposed budget as discussed in the proposal

I will complete the project as outlined and with any necessary revisions.

The remaining 2/3rd within 30 days of completion.

That really depends on the project you have in mind. Some projects, like a poster, can be designed, revised, and completed within a few days. However, projects like a website from scratch can take months to complete. After our consultation I will send you a proposal with the estimated timeline and budget.

With money, of course! One-third of the budget must be paid upfront as a deposit. Upon completion of work, I will send you an invoice for the remaining balance. The balance must be paid within 30 days of completion. Clients may pay in smaller installations throughout the project to reduce the balance at the end of the project.