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Website Design & Maintenance

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Generally there are two groups of clients who seek help with their website.

Those that have a website, and they hate it.


Those who don’t have a website, and don’t know where to start.

Let’s turn your website frown upside down by creating a website you’ll love.

Why Your Business Still Needs A Website

 A good website is able to deliver a clear message that is going to drive sales. Your website should be able to sell your work, like an extra employee. Your website is an employee that works 24/7 delivering your message to anyone that will listen. Even if you do not offer online sales, you want website visitors to turn into paying clients.

My Happy Clients

Let's Build An Amazing Website.

Clear and intuitive design– viewers can easily find what they need.

Content that speaks to your ideal customer– attract people who make you love what you do.

Search engine optimization– your website comes up in the top of search results.

Get Started in 6 Easy Steps

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Schedule a Consultation

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Kim creates a proposal with ideas, timelines and estimated budget.

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Client approves proposal & pays deposit.

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Kim presents 1st Draft of website.
(3 revisions included)

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Clients approves final website design.

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Client pays remaining balance.

Curious About What I Use To Design Websites?

My core philosophy is to empower people so that they can have a successful business. I choose to build on platforms that I believe the average business owner could maintain, while allowing the option to act as a webmaster, if needed. My preferred website platform is WordPress, but I also can help you if you build on any of these platform as as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

During our half-hour consultation I’ll ask you about your life before running your own business, and why you chose to strike out on your own. I will ask you about the customers you love and what you love about them. I’ll ask about any previous marketing activities, what worked and what didn’t work. You can feel free to ask me questions, too!

Generally, no. When you sign up for the consultation I’ll ask for your website address (if you have one) or about your social media pages. Prior the consultation I will check them out and make some notes. During the consultation you’ll share where you would like to see your business go in the future. My proposal will help you connect point A to point B.

Schedule a free, half-hour consultation with me.

If you live locally we will meet in person at a designated location. Otherwise, we can speak via Video conferencing (Google Hangouts or Zoom), or over the phone.

I will create a proposal with an expected budget and estimated time of completion for your approval.

Once the proposal is approved, you must pay a deposit which is 1/3 of proposed budget as discussed in the proposal

I will complete the project as outlined and with any necessary revisions.

The remaining 2/3rd within 30 days of completion.

That really depends on the project you have in mind. Some projects, like a poster, can be designed, revised, and completed within a few days. However, projects like a website from scratch can take months to complete. After our consultation I will send you a proposal with the estimated timeline and budget.

With money, of course! One-third of the budget must be paid upfront as a deposit. Upon completion of work, I will send you an invoice for the remaining balance. The balance must be paid within 30 days of completion. Clients may pay in smaller installations throughout the project to reduce the balance at the end of the project.