Write Content for Your Business Homepage

How to Write Content for Your Business Homepage

Many people are unclear about how to write content for their business website’s homepage. You need to follow some basic principles when writing content that will share who you are and what makes you unique. 

When you write a homepage correctly, you inform your customer about what you do and build trust. You want to tell the story of your ideal client in a way that they understand you solve the problem that brought them to your website. Make it easy for your clients to say yes, learn how to get started, and let them know what they can expect when working with you.

Here are a few examples of great content to help you write content for your homepage

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Focus on customer perspective

When writing content for your homepage, focus on the customer’s perspective. I find it best to take the customer through a hero’s journey on the homepage. Make sure you acknowledge their issues, and what makes them unique. By highlighting what makes them unique, you can sell what makes you a perfect fit for the problem.

Next, think about what you’d like your customer to do. Do you want them to call you, email you, text you, or follow you on social media? How would you want them to respond to your call to action? 

Once you’ve made it clear that you understand their problem, tell them explicitly how to get started. This will increase peace of mind and reduce decision fatigue in your client.


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Avoid using jargon

If you are an experienced content writer, you know not to use jargon words. It is best practice to write to the reading level of the average 7th grader. This opens your audience to people who may not speak English as their first language.

You will want to go through your website and adjust the way you speak to allow more people into the conversation. When using jargon words, it is essential to define them and explain their meaning to your audience.

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    Add case studies

    Including a reference and link to a key case study can increase your trustworthiness. Many potential customers want to see that you helped a client with their issue. They don’t want just anecdotal evidence, they want to see numbers, statistics, and outcomes.

    Incorporate case studies into your homepage to actively demonstrate your reputation. Your case studies should be a story that is similar to what many of your customers face on a daily basis. Customers can see themselves reaching success with your services through these examples.

    Add testimonials

    Another way to increase trust and authority while writing your business’s website homepage is to add testimonials. One of the main ways you can improve your rankings on search engines is to collect reviews on your Google Business Profile, Facebook page, Yelp page, or Better Business Profile.

    Many of these profiles are linked to your website and can share positive reviews with Google’s algorithm. Google understands that 5-star reviews in the real world are very valuable and help boost your website’s visibility above the competition.

    Not only do testimonials help your website rank higher, they are also a way to share your benefits with your customer. Many people trust reviews online just as much as a recommendation of a friend or family member. Customer testimonials on your site should include the name of the customer and the positive review about your company.

    You can even include the author’s photo or logo as social proof. The testimonials should be brief and conversational, so your readers can quickly skim them and feel motivated to keep reading. Testimonials should be as honest as possible to build trust with your customer.

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    Add photos

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    Photos help to capture attention and make a lasting impression on visitors. When someone lands on your website, the first thing they notice is the visual elements. By using high-quality and relevant photos, you can immediately grab their attention and create a positive first impression.

    Whether you’re selling physical products or offering services, including high-resolution images can help potential customers understand what you have to offer. Visuals allow potential customers to visualize the product or service in action, leading to increased trust and confidence in making a purchase.

    Photos can also help improve user experience by breaking up text-heavy content and making it more visually appealing. Large blocks of text can be overwhelming for readers, but by interspersing relevant images throughout your website, you create a more balanced and engaging experience for visitors.

    Lastly, incorporating optimized images into your website can also boost its search engine optimization (SEO). Search engines consider factors such as image alt tags and file names when ranking websites. By optimizing these elements with relevant keywords related to your content or business niche, you increase the chances of appearing higher in search engine results pages.

    Summary: How to Write Content for Your Business Homepage

    I hope you now understand how to write content for your business homepage. Remember to focus on the client experience first and foremost. Offer information that tells their story, outlines how to get started, builds trust, and shows authority.

    Make it easy for them to understand how to get started and have a clear call to action, such as a “call now” button. Designing with the client in mind will increase reach and sales.

    If you’d like me to create your homepage, or consult on your current page – contact me. We can discuss your needs and improve your marketing to increase your bottom line.

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