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cover art for donald miller's building a storybrand book which can help any small business in plattsburgh

Your 2019 Reading List

I’m a firm believer in continuing education and you be a believer should too. I’ll take a break from the client avatar breakdown to let you in on three books I think you should borrow from your local library or download on Audible. It’s time to get books back on the menu, and I would like to suggest that you read these books in the order they appear in below. These three books will drastically improve your marketing campaign and build the foundation for its success for years to come.  Let’s get started.

Building A Story Brand by Donald Miller

The first and most important thing you need to do as a marketer is define your ideal client and learn how to talk to them. Building a Story Brand does a great job of outlining why businesses should stop talking about themselves and start talking to their clients. As you read, you will seewhy statements like “We have been in business for 30 years and have a great selection” is a weak marketing statement. As you read StoryBrand you will learn about the heroes journey and how it applies to your customer. You will learn how to reframe the conversation around your client and how you can help them ‘win the day.’

The One Page Marketing Plan by Allan Dib

I read this book nearly three years ago, and honestly, it is still the best how-to guide when it comes to marketing. This book that requires you read or listen with pen and paper. The author will literally guide you through building a yearly marketing plan. One of the things I liked most about this book is that it is applicable for small businesses with little or no advertising budget. There is so much to marketing that you don’t need- or just shouldn’t- pay for, and this book can help you apply what you learned in StoryBrand.

Nudge by Richard Thaler & Cass Sunstein

This book is absolutely fascinating. The research in this book won Thaler and Sunstein a Nobel Prize in Economics. Their groundbreaking research shows how human psychology impacts decision making. They explain how organizations and businesses can use ‘choice architecture’ to assist in decision making. Many of us don’t understand how we overwhelm our clients which leads many people to take no action. This book can help you simplify the decision-making process for both you and your client’s success.


There you have it, three books that help you build your marketing plan in 2019. If you think you don’t have time to read, consider audiobooks. I’ve made the switch and now listen to books while I’m making dinner, and rewind to hit those key points (or when I lose attention). Make 2019 the year that you put education back on the menu, and take charge of your marketing.