Squarespace for professional websites

Squarespace is one of the most popular all-in-one site builders, known for its elegant designs and integrated marketing tools, helping businesses to grow and thrive. It is one of the leading DIY site builders, a tool allowing your online presence’s quick and easy creation.

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Squarespace makes creating a business website, adding pages, and creating and managing content a breeze. Squarespace is a stylish solution to building websites without knowing anything about web design. 

Overall, Squarespace is a robust platform for building websites, providing quality services to non-technical users, making it easy for them to build websites, whether they are personal or commercial.

With hundreds of pre-made templates and plenty of design help, you can easily create a website using Squarespace in less than an hour. Competing against a host of other DIY site builders on the market — products such as Wix and Weebly, for instance — Squarespace is a coding-free tool that allows users to quickly build their websites using pre-built templates. 

Unlike some other website builders, Squarespace does not offer a free plan for creating websites.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Website On Squarespace?

As with any site builder, Squarespace’s pricing plans have more than meets the eye. If you want a specific feature on your website, you will have to look at whether or not it is available on one of the Squarespace pricing plans before signing up.

Many additional features are available as part of a regular Squarespace plan. The Squarespace Business Plan, which adds features for larger businesses, costs $18 monthly. Squarespace’s Business Starter plan starts at $6 per user per month. Squarespace is much more convenient because it includes everything you need to create and launch a website, from a free domain name and web hosting to a drag-and-drop website editor, all for $12 monthly.

Squarespace’s commerce plans provide extended functionality for a competitive price — and choosing this instead of something like Shopify saves you transaction fees. Personal Business is the least expensive plan from Squarespace, and it will suffice for most websites.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Squarespace?

The significant advantages of Squarespace are the capability of creating visually stunning websites, the way that it helps users to earn from their sites, and its SEO and marketing tools. 

Squarespace templates are modern and beautifully designed – and thanks to their responsive design, websites and online stores created using the platform will look amazing on tablets and mobile devices, too.

It is one of the more usable platforms I have encountered as a website designer, and Squarespace comes loaded with built-in features that will make your life as simple as possible.

Their main draw, though, is that there is quite a wide range of templates to choose from, which make your website look professional in no time. Creating a clean, well-designed site on Squarespace is more straightforward than with WordPress. A Squarespace web designer can easily adjust each and every corner of a website to suit your brand.

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Built-in Email Marketing 

Squarespace’s website builders provide easy-to-edit email mockups, and Squarespace web designers can run a powerful email marketing campaign. New features include Member areas, Squarespace Scheduling (to handle reservations and appointments), and the native email marketing tools from Squarespace. 

E-commerce Websites

Their website builder plans come with an array of built-in e-commerce solutions designed to help you sell your products and services online. Their website builder plans also can send reminder emails to customers who abandoned sales and offer your end-to-end business security. 

What Are The Negatives Of Using Squarespace

While Squarespace offers a wide range of website-building features, Squarespace is the most suitable for creatives, small e-commerce stores, and bloggers. Squarespace does not just provide a website builder with powerful features, but it supports robust eCommerce integrations and community-building services.

You cannot add things like Yoast and other SEO solutions to your brand website. This powerful SEO tool can give you an edge over the competition. Squarespace’s platform is biased towards beautiful designs over marketing and features, which could prove a double-edged sword for anyone just getting started in eCommerce.

Squarespace’s backend features are no cakewalk for a website builder touted as being straightforward, straightforward, and simple. However, with a bit of time spent in the backend, I’m confident anyone can create a beautiful website on Squarespace. 

Summary: Is Squarespace Good For Building A Website?

Squarespace is also easy to use, so it is easy to create a professional site with just five steps – making it ideal for small businesses looking to create a site quickly. It comes with a powerful, easy-to-use site creator, which allows users to build the site of their dreams by dragging elements, selecting sections, and editing user images. 

Squarespace’s user-friendly drag-and-drop website editor makes the website creation process easy, making Squarespace a popular choice for those who do not have the design and coding skills necessary to build a professional-looking website from scratch.

If you want me to help build a new Squarespace website for you, feel free to contact me via the five-minute form!

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