three things every website should have a small business guide

These are three things every website should have. If you’re getting ready to build your first website and need to make sure you’re covering the basics, this article is for you. Today we will discuss choosing a domain name, creating the website structure, writing content, and adding eye-catching images.

Domain name

a clear domain name is one of the Three Things Every Website Should Have

A domain name is critical for a website because it can tell the user who you are and what you offer.

There are several things to consider when choosing a domain name. For one, it should be easy to spell and short. It should be relevant to what your website is all about. Consider adding your town or city if you only work locally.

A good domain name can boost your business’s brand recognition and reputation. However, you have to ensure that it’s unique and not generic. While direct keyword matches used to be a significant benefit for search engine rankings, that doesn’t apply anymore. A generic domain name that doesn’t offer excitement or trust may turn clients off. You should avoid using too many keywords in your domain name because this can look suspicious to people.

Well-written content

In addition to having an appealing design, your website must be optimized to be found online by search engines. Creating an optimized website has several components, but perhaps the most important is the quality of writing. The best-looking website will be useless if your content isn’t up to par. Content quality is also essential in SEO, as search engines use quality content to rank sites.

When creating content, it is important to ensure that it provides value to the reader from any perspective. According to the National Adult Literacy Survey, it should be readable for the average reader. If you have a high-quality website, your content should be written for a 7th or eighth-grade reading level.

Easy navigation

easy to use navigation is also one of the Three Things Every Website Should Have

To make navigation easy for users, limit the number of items on your menu to seven or fewer. The human short-term memory can only hold so many items. Reducing the number of menu items also improves SEO.

SEO TIP: The home page of a website has the most authority with search engines, so ensuring that your link juice flows from there to deeper pages is key to your success.

Navigation is the primary way in which visitors interact with a website, and it should be designed to make it easy for users to find the information they need.

A photo gallery can be a great tool to boost your customer relationship. Your customers are looking for visual examples of the products they are considering, so a photo gallery is a great way to show them. You can also introduce your products and services and showcase your values and brand. The customer experience will be more satisfying when they can see the products they’re looking for before they buy them.

Summary: Three Things Every Website Should Have

These are just 3 things every website should have, and things can get more complicated from here. However, you should first remember that the website should be built to serve your ideal customer. The website name, navigation, content, and photos should all help them understand who you are and if you can help solve their problem.

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