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They Weebly, wobbly, and are okay as a website design building site.

In last week’s website design challenge, we looked at Wix’s drag-and-drop builder. This week we will check out what Weebly has to offer. How will Weebly rank in the web design challenge?

Registering my website on Weebly

Thankfully, registration was super quick. Just a few clicks of a button and you are filling out questions for Weebly’s website walk-thru. Overall, it took about the same time as Wix, roughly 5 minutes. Thankfully, more sites are moving toward an instant build model and away from “confirm your e-mail” delays.

The part of Weebly's website design process that I liked

Overall, I can’t lie, my feelings toward Weebly are – meh. I will say that some may want and enjoy Weebly’s simplified website design. It doesn’t ask you a bunch of questions about ‘margins’ and ‘padding’- it just asks if you “do want to link this?” or “add a caption?”. Keeping it simple can reduce decision fatigue as you try to decide what template you like and what content to add. So, I will give it that. 

I will also admit that their search engine optimization for the pages was pretty nice. You need to click on Pages> SEO Settings to access the page because it is not listed when you are in the builder. I’ll give some tips on how to fill this out for this week’s SEO tip.

Weebly Login Dashboard
Weebly Website Walk-thru

Check out my Weebly Site

meet the format box.

The two things I didn't like about the platform:

I didn’t like that you don’t have access to photos and documents you’ve uploaded to your site. I wanted to use a photo from my homepage gallery on my bio page- and I had to upload it again. I just found this clunky. I also like to see what photos I have already uploaded and ones I may want to delete to save space. Not having this information available was frustrating.
The second thing would be that it just feels somewhat clunky. For example, try to edit a team card. There are two different interfaces, one with the content you are writing and another for adding a link and formatting the content. It’s annoying as you try to add someone’s title and the formatting interface pops up — Uggh, just irritating.

Would I recommend Wix to a small business owner?

Honestly, no, probably not. I feel like other site builders have a clearer focus. Wix is has a bunch of tutorials that teach you as you go. Squarespace has a clean and straightforward interface without a lot of extra questions (or distractions). Weebly seems like they wanted to integrate what other website design sites are doing- but it’s just not quite there yet.

SEO tip #3

Weebly gives you the opportunity to customize how you would show up in search results.  Here is a screenshot and breakdown of a search engine result.

  • Use the keyword you’ve used to optimize the page in the title, URL and Page description
  • Title Length: 60 Characters or less
  • URL Length: 50 Characters or less
  • Page Description: 150 Characters or less

Title: “Kim’s Bio >>Website Designer, Graphic Designer, Social Media Manager”
Page URL: “/Who-is-Kim”
Page description: “Hey, it’s Kim, your friendly local web designer, graphic designer and social media manager. Read more about her credentials-then schedule a consultation”

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