Let’s start at the beginning

I’ve always been a curious and creative person.

Hours upon hours of my youth were spent drawing, painting, and sculpting. I would work in any medium to make my imagination real and tangible to others.

As the youngest of six siblings, I often didn’t have the trendiest and most popular toys, but I always had a pencil and paper to express myself.

When it came time to choose a course of study for college, I decided to major in Anthropology. All the different ways that humans have organized their societies. Figuring out what people valued, why they valued it, and how they communicated their values to others.

photo from 1990's people sitting in jeep, three people in front row and three people in back row standing in hermatige, NY


Taking real community action

My first step was to organize “Rock for Kiva!” as a member of the SUNY Plattsburgh Anthropology Club.
We wanted to empower people in other countries. We were learning about how we could helping people start their businesses and take control of their life. Kiva’s microloan program seemed like an excellent way to take the things I was learning in my classes and make a real-world impact.

After that first event, I hosted dozens more throughout college and still to this day.

With a group of amazing people, I helped found the Plattsburgh Roller Derby league. I hosted Zombie Walks, cat art shows, cupcake showdowns, and several other events with different people and for various causes. Networking, learning, growing, and collaborating was and continues to be crucial in making successful business decisions.


Keeping a focus on community.

My desire to give back to the community has always been my focus. Through hosting events, I honed my marketing skills. 

Once honed, I have been able to offer these services to the public. My client’s support has allowed me to continue my education and give back to the community I love. 

Kimberly Cummins is certified by Wix in being able to build Accessible websites


A commitment to learning

Trends in web design and search engine optimization strategies change quickly. It is important to stay up to date with the most current information about my industry. 

Some of my preferred learning platforms and topics are:

  • Pluarlsight.com 
  • Yoast.com
  • Writings by Neil Patel 
  • Writings by Seth Godin 
  • Research in behavioral economics
  • Research in human choice architecture 

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