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Let’s talk about wix, baby!
And web design, I guess.

For this week’s web design challenge I spent a few hours building a site on Wix. I know you’re busy, so I’ll get into the good and the not so bad. A quick overview of the web design challenge– I had to build a site using the free version of Wix to create three pages in 3 hours with custom content.

Registering my website on Wix.

The start-up time between clicking in wix.com, pressing enter, and building my site was roughly 5 minutes. After you register they ask you a series of questions- similar to those anyone handling web design should ask. The questions help Wix provide a series of preselected templates for your type of business.

I liked that they positioned these questions up front and in ordinary language. I see people often quit before they get started because they are overwhelmed by themes and templates.

The parts of Wix that I absolutely loved

I’ll try to bullet out everything in short so that you can scroll through. Overall, Wix has been positioning itself as the web design platform for the small business owner. Wix has made a lot of text and video step-by-step common language tutorials. Their team has built an entire marketing suite so you can automate an e-mail drip campaign all from the Wix platform. This all-in-one style allows you to login to one site and see how your online persona is doing. You don’t need to worry about whether or not different apps or services can sync or integrate- because they are all built within Wix.

  • The number of step-by-step instructions and short (under 3 minutes) tutorial videos
  • The drag and drop interface is easy to use and does not rely on a grid-style interface.
  • It’s effortless to turn text into click to call or click to e-mail links without knowing any HTML.
  • Wix gives access to the use of anchor tags which allow you to link to content on another part of the same page. Great tool for a restaurant owner to build a one-page site and link to different parts of a menu.
  • I love, love, loved their SEO walkthrough campaign. They have nailed all the first steps to getting noticed by search engines.
  • You can connect the Google Gsuite to the site for custom e-mail addresses.
screen capture of my desktop as editing wix website to show interface

Visit my Wix Site Biking with Kim

The two things I didn't like

Both of these are the downside of the drag and drop interface.
I fucked around with the footer for quite a while, trying to adjust it to the size I wanted. Eventually, I was able to figure it out- but it was not as intuitive as the rest of the wix platform.

The other item I spent a significant time dicking around with was the “contact us” form. I’d try to move the whole item, but then maybe just the name field would move. I spent a significant amount of time putting the name field back and trying to move the whole contact form as a unit.

Would I recommend Wix to a small business owner?

Honestly, Wix is one of the best when it comes to DIY web design. I love how they have been building out their platform. Their team has worked hard to build an intuitive platform with a lot of tutorials and walkthroughs. They have drastically improved their templates and named them in a way that a small business owner can identify, click for a demo, and then start adding their content. There are a few minor annoyances- but honestly, they are neglegebale. Wix can help you build your site and jumpstart your marketing- which shows their commitment to entrepreneurs and DIY web design.

The free builder still left plenty of services on the table, and their monthly rates are very, very reasonable for the services you get in return.

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SEO tip #2

Last week we talked about researching “keywords.” Each page on your site should target a specific keyword that is different from every other page on your site. For example, one page’s keyword may be “custom cabinets” while another page could be “handmade stair rails”. You’ll want to use that keyword several times on the page, both in the header and in the paragraph text. Be sure to write your keyword in your H1 header. H1 headers are the headline of your webpage, and you can only use one per page. It’s basically the Oliver Twist era Newsie shouting “EXTRA! EXTRA! This webpage is about cabinets!”

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screencapture of my desktop showing the page builder for a wix website
Here you can see how to access a H1 heading or the Heading 1 on Wix.